Cyber Liability

ACS have teamed up with AIG, to provide a quick, easy and affordable solution to customers.
Premiums start from £380+IPT*

Cover in brief:

  • Immediate response from experts within 1 hour of notification of an incident
    Deployment of IT Forensics – provided by KPMGs Response
    Legal Response & PR Consultancy – to contain reputational damage
    Costs of notifying those people affected
    Insurable fines and penalties by data protection regulator
    Network Interruption – loss of net profit – optional
    Cyber/Privacy Extortion – response and ransom payments – optional
    Digital Media Liability – breach of intellectual property rights – optional

Defence costs and damages for:

  • Breach of personal or corporate data
    Contaminating someone else’s data with a virus
    Theft of systems access code
    A negligent act or error by an employee

To find out how this product can help you, contact Wendy Smith at